Sport is an important activity, which has to be carried out to take care of the all-round development of the students and to inculcate a sense of healthy competition amongst them.

Renaissance provides facilities to students to pursue a wide range of sporting activities in the campus. The school has a spacious ground which is utilized for volleyball, football, Kho-Kho, handball, cricket, athletics & various other outdoor activities. Knowing the importance of sports in today’s scientific era, due emphasis is laid on student participation in various sports events, to ensure the shaping of the overall personality, health and fitness of an individual student.

Renaissance organizes Annual Events so that students can grow in an innovative manner in the field of sports. Truly speaking,

“Sports are the re-sparkling element of Renaissance students.”


Reflection of Renaissance School through children is a true Mirror of the Society and a trend in an entertaining form “Cultural Fiesta” which reflects identity of a student in true meaning.

Pratibimb, “a Cultural Fiesta”, is the most significant event in the school where everyone participates with keen enthusiasm. Students, teachers, parents and other guest facilities are invited and the presence of all makes the event very goal-oriented.

The cultural diversity is one of the most noted aspects of Indian society. Pratibimb is organised to aim at increasing the awareness and helping the students better assimilate these traits. As truly said,

“Extraordinary talent lives in an ordinary human life.”


Jashan-E-Bachpan is a dramatic activity especially for the primary kids. It’s main purpose is to bring the small ones to the floor to show their hidden talents in front of a mass audience. They are benefitted so far their hesitation on the stage is concerned. Renaissance School has introduced this function in a miniature form to provide a chance to all the kids; in other words, it aims at 100% participation. Each and every student’s likings comes to the floor in the form of a dramatic way.

In 2014-2015, the School celebrated this festive time with the primary kids in front of their parents. They acted in such a scintillating way that forced the parents to land to their kids’ performances. All the events displayed by the tiny-tots were based on day to day activities.

The parents were highly eccentric to see their kids for the first time on the stage.

Jashan-E-Bachpan is really a primary step for the primary kids to excel in future….